Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rainy Tuesday

Today felt more like November than May with a brisk northeast wind blowing and cold rain from low, dark clouds.  When I let the dogs out this morning, they both hesitated and had to be coaxed into leaving the house.  The same with the chickens, who didn't care to leave their coop, either.  All of my pets looked at me as if to say, "Lady, why would we want to go outside in THIS weather?"

I hadn't slept well the night before due to various and sundry aches and pains and woke up with a headache of epic proportions so today's progress was nothing much at all.  I spent most of the morning and early afternoon working in the greenhouse where the temps were in the balmy low 50's.  Brrrrrrrr......

Around midafternoon, I took some pictures of the yard which turned out pretty good despite the miserable weather conditions.  There are many pics of the Coralburst crab trees down in the formal garden because this is the first year I can remember all of them being so loaded with bloom.

View from the belvedere

Picea Orientalis 'Skylands' 
This tree is beautiful when well-grown (and this one isn't!) but with time maybe it will outgrow the browning needles.

The hostas by the escarpment are growing quickly despite the cold weather

Abies lasiocarpa 'Arizonica Compacta'

I planted this tree in 2005 when it was about 6" tall.  Now it is about 2'.  The needles are oh-so-soft to the touch.  This is one of our favorites and we hope it continues to thrive.

Another rerun: a picture of the Sargent crabapple, but I couldn't resist!

Down in the quarry garden the hostas are a bit more sheltered from wind.

Closeups of one of my favorite hostas, 'First Frost' sporting crystalline raindrops.
After Carl came home from work, we had to take the dogs to the vet in Pulaski for a 4:30PM appt.  On our way home we stopped at a nursery, but they weren't open (which is just as well, since we don't need anything really, but so tempting, lol). 

When we arrived home at 6:45 we had company.  Richard and Emily, Kayla, and Ann were all here.  Ann was already working on the curtains in the sewing room downstairs again.  She is such a great friend and help to me!  

I made up a batch of spaghetti and we had a nice supper together followed by a few hands of Sheepshead.  What a nice way to end a gloomy day!                Karen

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