Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday's Antics Part 1

Today's weather was much different than yesterday with temps in the upper 60's.  Most of the day it was on and off mist, not enough moisture to force you indoors but just enough dampness to make you wish you were!  When it did rain a bit heavier, I spent the time in the greenhouse planting my containers for the yard.  When Carl came home at 12:30, we set to work right after dinner.

Below is a picture of the hosta garden by the barn with the new row of H. Albomarginata planted and some of the other specimen hostas we removed from the shop bed:
I'm still not sure what else I will plant in this garden; last year we tried tomatoes, but had no luck.  This year, with the new vegetable garden site, we'll see if it works any better.

We decided to move this metasequoia gyptostromboides (Dawn Redwood) to the lane bed because it was being crowded out by the cedar. This tree was about 6" tall when I acquired it.
We had to dig down a LONG way to find the tap root on this tree.  Let's hope it survives the move...
Off it goes...(alive so far)
Headed to the new bed.
Watering in
We planted this tree a few days ago, this is Pinus Flexilis 'Cesarini Blue'  

Not sure which creeping thyme this is, but it is prolific.

   Tiarella cordifolia  or Foamflower and hostas
Carl & I decided the lane bed might be more appealing if there were a focal point or two, so we moved one of the statues given to us last year by Carl's folks to the area for a trial.
She sure lights up the greenery, but we don't think this is the right situation for her.

This tree is an oddball I bought two years ago, it was labelled 'Picea Glauca 'Bakeri' and the rest of the info on the tag says it is a 'pyramidal tree'.......hmmmmmmm...not too pyramidal and shoots seem to be coming on all over.  I've just let it grow without corrective pruning because, frankly, I don't know what type of pruning to do!

Growing late, so I will close here and continue on tomorrow with what else transpired. 

Later, Karen

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