Friday, May 21, 2010

Another day of weeding.  By the looks of things, I will be weeding a very long time.  Today was another warm one, 80-something again, and many of the new trees we planted were flagging a bit.  I had to keep moving the hose around to all the hostas we had transplanted, also.  I finished up transplanting several dozen large hostas, too, putting many of them next to the barn.

When I took my  morning walk with the doggies, I decided to stroll through the area we were working on the night before.  Since we removed the three trees, the hosta bed gets a little additional light which is what I think they were starved for.
This is the view coming through the 'Egress' trellis after the tree removal and below, is before:

 Regrettably, not taken from the exact same angle, but there is a big difference.  The hostas are now in full sun until mid-afternoon, so I'll have to keep an eye on them for burning. 

Ann had to work tonight and Joel had other plans, so Carl and I were on our own with the gardens.  We did manage to get quite a few loose ends tied up and plan to make some more messes this weekend.  There is a forecast for rain on Friday, so if that happens, I will pot up some containers for the driveway.

Tomorrow (ok, today, since it's 1 AM) is another day.

 'Painted' Japanese Maple

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Anonymous said...

Hi KAre Bear, I finally havd a moment to check your sight again. I have been up to my eyeballs in garden work. No John, Mike and Mardie are working and I'm at it full speed. I can't believe how much I get done in one day but each morning ,getting out of my bed, my body lets me know how much I over did it the day before.LOL Feeling good and have gone from a 44 waste down to a 38. Now my good slacks fit again. Lmao. Literally! Sounds like you all are doing fine. Will write a longer letter later. Hi to the gang. I hope you are enjoying life and in good health. take care girl, your old bud, Jim PS LOVE THE POEM