Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday's Antics Part 2

Here's the rest of the Friday story that I couldn't stay awake to write about last night.

I am not sure what this plant is.  This was given to me by a gardening friend several years ago and when she comes to visit this summer I will be asking her!  It is a very dainty shrub with pretty yellow flowers. 

 We also moved another Japanese larch from the north hill of the quarry garden to the new west berm.  Larches have proven so far to be a bit cantankerous about moving which probably has a lot to do with our less-than-gentle treatment.  The two we moved earlier are alive, but sulking.  The problem was mostly because we planted them (temporarily we thought)  in the nearly pure sand of the quarry hill as seedlings and the roots spread under all the big rocks where it is perpetually moist.  Trying to shovel them out without damaging the roots and having any soil (sand) left on their roots when we do finally get them free is next to impossible.  So, I guess I'd sulk too.  If any of them survive, it will be a pleasant surprise.

Ok, on to the next mess:  Since we sawed the ash tree by the formal garden down in April and planted the three-flower maple in its place, we have noticed the bed is lacking something.  That something seemed to a rock or three.  Seven years ago, I spotted a rock lying in a ditch near home and we went back and got it.  That was an 'interesting' rock to load by hand, and we enlisted  Joel and Eric to help (I think they were both around 17 then) to help us winch it on to the trailer.  We put the rock in what was then a small pond we had dug near the bridge and planted a Fat Albert spruce nearby.  Fat Albert got fatter, and the rock was now underneath it, well this was a waste of a good rock!  So we decided to move the rock out to the light of day one more time.


What a blur of activity!

 By the time we were ready to place the rock in its new home, Ann had arrived for a visit.  As you can see by the above picture, Ann always is ready to lend a hand around here.  (I guess this should be a caution to any visitors, we put any and all extra hands to work.  Hmmmmm....could this be why we haven't had many repeat visitors?)

Ann has been a very energetic presence in the garden and keeps us moving--I was just about ready to call it a night when she came over; there must be something contagious about her energy because we worked at weeding right up until dark in the lovely mist.  Our jeans were soaked from kneeling on the wet ground, ah, gardening can be so pleasant at times.  

The rock is going to need some fine-tuning placement today, it was getting too dark last night.  

Always and ever, after the tractor and wrecker is put away, we decide 'Eh, I think it has to move again,' or maybe it's just me that makes the decision, lol, but anyway, eh, yes, it has to be moved again.  Sorry, Carl.

We ended the evening sitting around the campfire, roasting a few hot dogs, drying our jeans out.  After we were done eating, I threw the particle board from the living room on the fire so we could clean up that mess. 
Joel had gone kayaking in the rain on Friday and we saw him briefly when he came home around 11PM.  

So, that's the rest of Friday's story, now on to Saturday...........

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