Monday, May 17, 2010

Plowing ahead

If you have been following this blog for some time, you may recall we had another 120 tons of limestone hauled in last September.  We dumped the six truck loads in six different places in the yard.  We managed to use up the three loads which had been dumped in the front yard, but there are still three piles in the back yard we have scavenged from but not completely used.  All told, I think there's probably two dump truck loads or 40 tons left.  (Sigh, where did they all go?)

We decided that since we had so many trees moved out of the east side of the yard, we could move our vegetable garden closer to the house, in proximity of sprinklers and also not so 'out of sight, out of mind' as it was when we had it out in the back eight.  Last year I tried to grow vegetables in the small bed next to the barn, but it didn't prove to be a good site.  Too much shade and a rather cool summer last year wasn't conducive to great yields.  So, after discussing it, we decided to clean up one of the three rock piles and work the land up for a veggie garden.

On Sunday, because Carl and I were busy with the hosta bed removal and wall building,  Joel took on the daunting task of cleaning up all the rubble that was left after he hauled all the big stone to the other piles.  I wish I had a before picture, but no one thought to take one, suffice it to say, he had a LOT of work to do to move all the big rocks, and pitch all the small stones on the trailer by hand and rake up the gravel.  When he was done, this was what it looked like on Sunday night:  (the bald patch is where the rock was sitting)

This afternoon, Joel was home from work and back on the tractor almost immediately.  The next step was to go and get my father's plow.  I remember when my father bought the brand-new 3-bottom, shiny red plow back in the early 1970's, during the same time frame he bought the 574 IH and the new greenchopper.  We were really coming up in the world of farming, at least in our estimation.  Of course, the neighbors all had tractors with double and triple the horsepower of ours and matching complementary-sized equipment, but we were small farmers and this was a Big Deal for us.  My father loved the 574 tractor and treated it like some men treat sports cars, and it was always shedded at night.  I cannot remember that tractor ever sitting outside.  The plow hasn't been in use in over three years, but it does come in handy.

Let the plowing begin!

  The next step was to hook up to the disk
By the time Joel had the disking done, it was time for supper.  Tomorrow he should be able to finish working the garden.  We owe Joel a great debt of gratitude for all of his hard work!

I didn't accomplish much in the yard today, mostly because I sort of overdid it a bit this weekend causing some swelling in my right leg (the site of my falling off the tractor weeks ago).  I decided to take some time off from the garden and let the leg rest a bit.  (If it's Monday, it is also Wash Day!) and I also did some cleaning, cooking and baking this afternoon. 

Tuesday is another day, stay tuned..........

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