Thursday, August 4, 2016

Technical Difficulties

I'm finally back!  No, I didn't go anywhere; rest assured, for the last few weeks I've been doing nothing but sweating, swatting and swoeing weeds in this horticultural folly of ours.

I should have said my computer is back after a few weeks of sick leave.  Good ol' Lappy decided to take a break from me and my blogging ways and developed a few weird tics, none of which were conducive to fluent writing.  

Or anything else.

I did what all parents with tech-savvy offspring do; got on the phone and whined for Joel's help.  My computer is not computing. Could he please fix it? 

Joel, as you may remember, has a few other things on his plate at the moment:
  There she is, our beautiful little Audrey, two months old!  (and Joel, too.)

Joel, in turn, had to call the younger generation for help with this repair, he needed an assistant who could guide him through the process.

Thanks to Audrey and Joel's hard work, my computer is back and running smoothly.  

Computer problems can be exhausting.  

                                          Time for a nap!