Tuesday, February 27, 2018

I Seem To Have Lost My Head

 Once again, I've been absent.  January is long-gone and now February is almost a distant memory, too.  Two straight winters in a row of taking care of my late mother and now Carl's parents have taken their toll. The doctor appointments, nursing home concerns, financial institution visits, bookkeeping and now, tax season! along with two vacant homes to tend is sometimes overwhelming. 

We haven't had time to think lately; one thing after another keeps cropping up with Carl's parents at the assisted living facility, but with any luck, the dust will settle soon. 

Coming back in from the mailbox the other day, I was treated to this gruesome sight:
 I didn't get around to putting the concrete statuary in the garage for the winter.  Concrete doesn't like our extreme freeze/thaw cycles one bit.  

Actions have consequences, or, in this case, inactions, and alas, this poor girl lost her head.  

I know just how she feels.