Monday, March 13, 2023

Another Sunday, Another Snowstorm

 As I started writing this on Sunday afternoon, the snow was gently wafting down past the upstairs windows.  Every now and then a startlingly brilliant flash of red would appear as two male cardinals fought over who is the boss of the bird feeders.  Even though the feeders are at ground level, the spat rose to the height of the second story as the birds settled their argument, albeit, grudgingly, and went back to scrounging in the snow for sunflower seeds.  Another Sunday afternoon, another blizzard.

 This blizzard, for me at least, lacks the intensity of a December/February assault as much of the snow is melting simultaneously.  However, I've not been out on the roads driving, so what that is like at the moment, I can only hazard a guess.  Slippery, I'm sure.