Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today, while walking the dogs, I noticed the wildflowers have begun to bloom again in the creek bottom across the road in the woods.  I don't know the true botanical name of these lovely plants; some call them marsh marigolds, others call them buttercups, but whatever they are, they are beautiful.  (Ok, learned internet search says the proper name is 'Caltha Palustris')  What would spring be without them?  As a kid, I would wander in the neighbor's woods and be awestruck by their sheer numbers, transforming the little creek into a band of yellow.  Then the creek was dredged to improve drainage and for a time, there were very few left, but in recent years the buttercups have made a comeback and it is a very welcome comeback at that!

 My daffodils are putting on quite a show right now too, but the wildflowers are more beautiful.

 Today was spent working on the treasury stuff for the meeting later on this week.  I think I have it almost ready to go, but will have to put some more finishing touches on the report tomorrow.  If it rains, I'll work on it then.  Seems almost criminal to be in the house when the weather is so fine.  I did get out to work on the quarry hill extension with Carl after he arrived home from work and we placed another four rocks today. 

Remember the stained glass quilt squares Carl and I made back in February?  We had a pleasant surprise in the mail today, the picture of the completed Association of Stained Glass Lamp Artists quilt project was sent to us.  It is lovely!  Carl's quilt square is in the first column, #8, and mine is in the first column, #10 (the bottom left hand corner).  I can only imagine the work the Conti's go through in order to color coordinate and assemble the quilts every year.  I am sure the photo does not do the completed work justice, it must be stunning to see in person.

Oh, and we also had good news a few weeks ago about the lamp pictures we submitted for the 2011 ASGLA calendar...our Iris will be included on the July page!  We were really surprised by this, since we tried much harder to photograph the Flowering Bouquet, but hey, at least one of them made it! 

Once again, it grows late.  More tomorrow.  karen

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