Thursday, June 22, 2017

What's Next? Part 21: Gazebo Move: Part Three

 I know what you're thinking; and yes, you're right.  It took less time to actually move the gazebo than it's taken me to write about it.  If I could get my technology to work correctly, I would post a delightful time-lapse video Joel captured of the entire process and save us all the bother of another long, drawn-out wordfest, but you know me, I love to drag things out.  (I tried uploading a video last night (until 3AM) but just as it was nearly finished loading, another thunderstorm rolled in and I lost the connection.)  

 Wait........maybe we'll get lucky, the upload seems to be working.....or........maybe not......oh, well.  Moving on. Where were we?

Oh, yes.  The gazebo was sitting in the driveway, awaiting Warren and the telescoping handler to arrive.  Carl was up on the deck with a ladder, climbing up to open the roof and attach the straps and chains for the lifting process.  

This was the part I wasn't sure of; would the structure hold together being unceremoniously picked up by it's head? 

Carl assured me he had built strong trusses and roof supports.  I should ask him why he did it that way, since we never had any intention of moving the gazebo when we built it that I know of.  But I could be wrong and often am.

My nervousness ramped up when I saw the telescopic handler coming down the road; here we go......

Warren backed the machine in and David is hooking up a chain:

 Carl is up on the roof, waiting to hook the chain to the gazebo:
 Warren moves the machine closer:
 Carl hooks the chain in place:

 We all hold our breath.........and we have lift off....
 Carl and Tom get ready to move the running gear out of the way.

And there you have it, a flying gazebo.

 As Warren moves forward, Carl hangs on to the guide rope to stop it from swinging too much.

 Heading to the foundation:

 David steadying the gazebo on the south side.
 I was out on the road, trying to take a video. 

 And, finally in under a half hour, the chains were unhooked, the gazebo was in place, no one was injured, and Warren was on his way home.  We are so grateful to Warren for his help; it would have been so much more difficult to place the gazebo in the new location if we would have had to somehow slide it off the wagon and drive a tractor through the flower beds.  Plus, all the stone walls would have to be moved, too.  This was so much better than we could have ever hoped for.
 Carl and Tom worked on fastening the posts into the deck brackets.  The next step was to put the hinged roof back in place and we were done.

 I have used the gazebo more in the last two months than I ever did in the previous thirty-something years; I couldn't be more pleased with the placement, either.

 Amazing how taking the gazebo off the stilts changed the character and grounded it in the landscape.

 I now take gardening breaks on the deck and guzzle some nice cold water as I sit in the shade, something we never did before.  We should have moved it years ago.

Below:  First two pictures taken in April and then......
Today, June 22.
The view from any angle is great; and I'm far enough away from the weeds that they don't bother me.  As much.  

 But what happened to the Tardig, you may ask?  After spending a good month face-down on the lawn, the Tardig now lives in the Lane Bed where he contrasts nicely with the 'Sunkist' arborvitae and hostas.
 All in all, the move was a resounding success.  We're not always able to say that with confidence when we finish a project, but this time, it worked out wonderfully. 

Our deepest appreciation to Warren and Gloria for their unbelievable generosity.  And abundant, heartfelt thanks to Mary and Tom, Joel, David and Ann for all of their help.  This was a team effort and we couldn't have done it without any of you!

And finally:  I have dedicated the new Gazebo Garden in memory of Mom.  

This lovely plaque from my friend, Nancy, has always been a favorite of mine.  And if there ever was an angel in my life, it was Mom.
 Above:  This beautiful plaque was a gift from Warren and Gloria for Mom's funeral.

Below:  Ann gave me this gorgeous angel.  Mom loved to feed her birds.

The little boy statue is not new; I bought it when Joel was a toddler and Mom always loved it.

I'm filling the area with annuals and perennials of every shape and color in her honor.  

I know she would love it.

I don't know if she can see it from heaven or not; but Mom,

This garden is for you.  

  With all my love,



outlawgardener said...

Whew! Glad it worked so well. The Gazebo has never looked better and the new position in your garden is glorious. I know that your mom was very proud of the beauty of your garden and she would be especially pleased with this fitting memorial. The last bit of your post brought a tear to my eye. Your writing is very compelling; as amazing as your garden!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Hurray! The gazebo looks like it was always there and what a wonderful garden in memory of your dear Mom. I love it. You will enjoy this every single day no matter what the season.

Love and hugs dear Karen ~ FlowerLady

Ellie's friend from canada said...

Congratulations! and your Mom was right – you should move the gazebo! The garden is exquisite and I especially love the Yellow Lady-slipper Orchids. Your mother is definitely smiling about this garden and her spirit will visit often. You are so right to say that without the posts it is grounded. It is just the loveliest! Blessings! Ann

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Awesome move and I was holding my breath the entire time for y'all. lol Your garden is fabulous and your Mom is definitely smiling down on everyone. Take care.

chavliness said...

This is looking absolutely fabulous. Just goes to show that placement is everything. I think it looks so much better on ground level, mixed in with the landscape. Mom would be happy.

Beth @ PlantPostings said...

This is so beautiful, Karen. Your mom is smiling, I'm sure. :)

El Gaucho said...

I never thought that I would see a flying gazebo! It looks great in its new home and looks like it was made to go there. Congratulations on a successful move, that was an interesting journey.

It's a lovely idea to have the area dedicated to your Mom, it looks magnificent and I'm sure she would have loved it.